Seasoned Teaching

I am a life-long learner. Sometimes, my learning is independent, like when I read books and surf the web for ideas to spice up lesson plans. I also attend workshops and conferences on all matter of subjects each time school is on a hiatus. Then there are the “for credit” courses I have experienced during my long teaching career and the many F2F and online trainings. Yes, I am sure the picture is coming in clearer. There really is no such thing as a summer off for this teacher! In fact, learning continues during holiday breaks, weekends and even a lot of times after school.

Why do I do this? I want to stay on the cutting edge of my teaching practice. I refuse to be the older teacher who dusts off the monthly folder of lessons and activities to teach the same thing year after year. I want my students engaged, and truthfully, I might start to nod off during the lesson myself, if I do not keep my practice alive and refreshed with new ideas. This time the focus is on technology.

I have been introduced to various Web 2.0 tools in the past and have enjoyed the smorgasbord of offerings. Staff meetings at school have included time to explore tech tools and “play” with apps and programs. Now, it is time to get serious and figure out what kinds of tech I feel an affinity towards and what can work in my class. This summer I am learning how to be a more connected educator with the help of an online community of learners.

Leave a comment on ways you stay “seasoned” and tell me about “Must Haves” for the connected classroom! I am all ears.


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