Gaining Comfort

Last year I learned that I was a digital immigrant. I want to be more comfortable using Web 2.0 tools and lose some of my accent. If my comfort level increases then the comfort level of my students will increase, also. I want to continue to be introduced to tools that other educators have decided are of quality and try them out and evaluate them myself. I am not afraid to try new things and experiment with tech tools. Sometimes, I think fear holds back educators instead of propelling them forward to learn from mistakes and discover new connections and ways of being.

I learn a lot by exploring independently, asking others to show me how to do specific things I know about or see, and figuring out how to do something if I learn about it virtually. For example, I never learned how to thread a sewing machine in a consumer science course as a child. When I finally decided to give my sofa a makeover, I consulted YouTube for step-by step directions to make a cover. Of course that meant needing to use the sewing machine and learning to thread it! YouTube has also taught me how to replace an outdated electrical outlet and repair both my lawn mower and heater!

I want students to be able to not only access the Web for information but to also post information, opinions, responses and questions. It is my desire to help them to connect in ways that we have not even thought about, yet! And maybe someone who yearns to do a craft project or simple repair can learn a thing or two by using Web 2.0 tools, also!


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