Assignment #3-B-2 Speak to Me, Universe. Please….


Using RSS is not a new concept for me. I used the now defunct Google Reader and also have a Feedly account. I admit that I acquired these things because I was required to obtain them for classes. It was certainly not because of some overwhelming desire to have blogs and current news sources eagerly awaiting my attention. I signed up for the PLS recommended Old Reader account a few days ago. Did you guess why? Yep, that’s right!  It is a course requirement. I decided I really needed to stop and consider how I could use RSS beyond the confines of a requirement. More importantly, I stopped to ask myself the same question that I have on many occasions when I encounter the same situation again and again, “What is the Universe trying to tell me, now?”

I began to mindlessly enter the class blog list and the required number of new RSS feeds into the Old Reader system as I mindfully sought answers. For some reason I decided to look over information on RSS from one of the previous encounters. When given a choice of readers to use previously, I remember I moved on to Feedly because of difficulty accessing the first one I picked. I needed a break after so much thinking so I grabbed the iPad and headed out the door. A short while later, I sat at my local caffeine establishment and decided to look for a Feedly app for no specific reason. Low and behold there was a super quick and easy download and I was connected to blogs and information that I truly like to read thanks to cloud sync! I realized that when I am on the desktop I am usually completing assignments and requirements for school or work. I try to stay on task so I don’t stray to blogs. When I have stopped to read things in my reader in the past, I have felt guilty.

On the iPad I play games and explore new ideas, mostly. It is sooooo enjoyable. That is what has been missing for me. Joy. My RSS plan is to reconnect to the “stuff” that I love to read because I find new ideas for teaching, learn about new tech tools, get to ask questions and comment on sites I’ve included because of personal interests. I think I have rekindled the spark that I had the first time I saw RSS in Plain English when I learned to “turn the arrows around.” My goal for using RSS is to make it work by really being committed to use it. I am pretty confident this time round because I am associating RSS with play and pleasure. Besides, I take the iPad everywhere. Wi-Fi rocks!

What about you? How do you schedule in time for RSS?


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