I will use social bookmarking. I will use social bookmarking. I will use social bookmarking…..

Why will I use social bookmarking? Well, now that my enthusiasm is coming back for organizing and storing resources in the cloud, no, it’s not just the caffeine talking, but the relaxing atmosphere and the arousing aroma of coffee beans at Starbucks does help me get into a “I can do it” mood, it’s because I made a plan. I’m excited about this plan because it is a collaborative one. Next year, I will work with the specials teachers at my school to help plan curriculum and document the work in a professional learning community. The school is a small one, about 145 or so students from pre-kindergarten through eighth grade. Most of our specials teachers are a department of one. Most are part-time teachers or individuals who have more than one responsibility in the school. Some teach Lower and Middle School students and some only teach one division. I volunteered for this assignment because these folks are fabulous, creative workers and thinkers. Besides, our recertification team will arrive in about three years and I want to start out with a slow jog not a running start.

I am certain that if we form a Diigo Group we will be able to help each other by suggesting materials to enhance our practices. I love the fact that it is so easy to add items and share them. I like that there are multiple tags because we do a lot of integrated lessons and thematic units. We can develop a folksonomy. We will be able to develop a sound system of organization for our resources and use them for a framework to show evidence of curriculum planning. Sometimes, because of our schedules, we do not get to share worthy resources with each other. Using social bookmarking, we will be able to enter resources and access them from where we are. Now that’s convenience. Many of us carry multiple bags around stuffed with any number of books and papers. We are trying to be a “greener” campus and Diigo can help us achieve this. Yes, we can save trees, people. Another thing I appreciate about social bookmarking is that we are able to write why we think the resource is worthy and suggest how to use it.

First, I will create a Diigo Group. For now, it will be a private group only for invited teachers from my school who teach a special discipline like art, music, Spanish, library, computer, P.E., etc. Next, I will hold a meeting explaining how to use Diigo and show my account via the Smartboard. I know the teachers will be excited. All the teachers have iPads so installing the free app will be a piece of cake. I am sure they will want to use the educators upgrade since we all do research projects with our students and it will be easy to create a custom group of resources for their use based on reading levels, interests and specific disciplines. The primary use for the Group the first trimester will be for teachers to put in, tag, and comment on the resources. Finally, at our first in-service, we will meet to see how it is going. I will be the contact person to check on the progress of individuals and encourage use. During the coming school year, we will study the continent of Asia so we even have a common thread to start. It is my hope that by using social bookmarking we will have a way to connect even if our schedules do not always coincide.


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