Possibilities: Flickr in the Classroom 5-A-1

Brand New Bricks*

Imagine the possibilities for building lessons and projects given an endless number of colorful photographs. That’s how I felt after thinking of just some of the possibilities for using Flickr in my classroom. Searching through the photo storage area I noted how easy it is to find pictures of all types and varieties. There is an easy upload and comments and annotations can be added in a jiffy. There is a private viewing area that is important for securing sites for classroom and can serve to alleviate potential administrator and parent anxiety. In fact, a photostream can be setup for parents to subscribe to a RSS feed to view school and class photos.

Flickr certainly has appeal for promoting multiple intelligences especially serving visual learners well and those cut from the more creative out-of-the-box side ilk than I. The offerings on Flickr will probably light up parts of the brain yearning to mash up and remix the photos in ways I can probably not even imagine.

If writers need illustrations, this is certainly a starting place. Photos can also serve as sources for writing prompts for all genres. Check out this to create photo books. I learned of a new term, Flicktion, while exploring about Flickr, where comment lines from photos can be used to start stories. Because the photos are copyrighted or attached to Creative Commons licenses, this is an excellent way to get in a few authentic lessons about intellectual property rights. There can be geography lessons about where the photos were taken. A geographic visual can be resurrected by using the tags. The class can examine the various folksonomies that exist and brainstorm new ones using this open source platform.

Teachers remember you can create virtual field trips with photos or even lesson plans for substitutes by showing your class through pictures exactly what needs to be done. A definite plus of Flickr is that the students come to you and Flickr because everything can be stored through an easy organizational drag and drop along with annotations. That saves time and effort.

I am sure there are many more ways to use Flickr in the classroom and build upon and remix the ideas listed here. Send in comments about your favorite ways to use cin education. Feel free to send some photos via Flickr links, too!

*Image Citation: Fdecomite. (2008, July 27.) Brand New Bricks. Fdecomite’s Photostream. Retrieved June 30, 2014, from https://www.flickr.com/photos/fdecomite/2710132377/.


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