Food and Podcasts 5-B-3

food and ipod
I love food! I grew up in a family where Mom, Dad and siblings planned meals, shopped, cooked, baked and ate together. Happy times with family and friends for me seemed to involve food. During these times of eating and laughter we were also given a very strong message that stays with me still. We were taught that fruits and veggies and meat were once living things that made sacrifices so we should appreciate the Earth’s contribution to nourish and sustain us and not waste food. That is why this podcast, Love Letter to Food, from one of my favorite collections, Minute Earth, immediately appealed to me. Another reason I was drawn to it is because I volunteer with Anti-Hunger organizations to help others be food sufficient. It never ceases to amaze me that there are people in America that go without food yet so much food ends up wasted.

I can imagine using this short podcast that packs a powerful message to introduce many food related activities. It would be interesting having small group discussions to react to this podcast. Several times a year the school where I work has food drives to collect nonperishable food for local food cupboards. We have a compost program where food scraps from lunches are used to make compost for our school garden. We also take part in the local farm Seed to Table Program. Another activity many classes engage in is making casseroles as part of service learning projects for a feeding program that serves daily meals to the homeless or working poor. My class also bakes banana bread from the bananas that kids used to dump in the garbage from lunches.

My school teaches mindfulness. A mindfulness activity that I love is How to Eat Mindfully. Students are given a few raisins or orange segments and are asked to eat them by really taking the time to explore and get to know the food intimately before it is chewed and swallowed. We discuss the process. Kids are surprised that they usually just put food in their mouths and do not really stop to taste and notice the food being eaten. The objective of this activity is to become more aware of how we eat by merely slowing down and noticing.

I think this podcast does a nice job making us mindful of the concept of food waste. The rest is up to us.

Do you have any podcasts that you use related to food sufficiency or mindful eating?
How does your school teach students to take care of the Earth?


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